We are thrilled about our partnership with Artbox, a world-renowned studio that represents over 100 talented artists from around the globe. Together, we are proud to offer our clients access to a diverse and unique selection of art projects that can be trusted to be new high quality tap of NFT discovery, collection, and trading.

Our first collection in collaboration with Artbox will feature several international artists. As part of our long-term partnership, we will work with Artbox to carefully select and showcase the best projects by different artists, each with their unique style and talents. The best part, EarlyAccess pass holders will be the first to access all of it.

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Early Access works in close association with prestigious and established companies to bring the deals we develop and the benefits included, back to our Web3 holders to enjoy. Our goal is to provide a coveted and exclusive place for artists and collectors to interconnect. With an Early Access Pass, renowned artists have a safe entry into Web3 with their exclusive collections. It is in the interest of our holders that we deliver value in the form of drops and first access to these collections and build a self-serving ecosystem of collectors and luxury-hunters alike.

Outside of art, we are consistently building luxury deals to deliver to our holders. With high value discounts and free entry to events, Early Access will provide high-end pampering never before seen in Metaverse and IRL utility. Want discounts on luxury watches? We will have that. Want to see popular artists and DJs on and off Metaverse? We already made the deals happen.

One pass, unlimited access.

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The team at Early Access consists of founders, advisors, and artists. We’ve got all grounds covered to ensure the proper knowledge is implemented with actual value for our Early Access Pass holders.

Christiaan Kok

Christiaan Kok

Project lead

Christiaan has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2017. Sustainable Bitcoin Miner and his interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs rose rapidly... Christiaan’ expertise spans not only organisational governance but also strong business planning. Aside from being Early Access’ project lead, he is also a business executive with experience in managing $30M+ business operations.

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Eelco Kalsbeek

Eelco Kalsbeek

Project & marketing lead

With over 15 years experience in marketing, idea generation and execution, Eelco built successful and strong companies. Eelco is no stranger to pressure... He has already made his mark in the web 3.0 space.

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Martijn Thijssen

Martijn Thijssen

Head Artbox

Martijn is a storyteller connecting people to products through interactions that attract rather than interrupt. Artbox has been creating meaningful reasons for people... to love art for over 30 years with beautiful yet functional art driving emotions and building relationships.

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Geert Jansen

Geert Jansen

Creative lead

Geert shapes experiences with equal amounts of imagination & precision to grow and engage our audiences. People know what they want and deserve to... get it. Geert takes care of that part.

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Jurg Neve

Jurg Neve


Jurg is a passionate and motivated individual who strives for excellence in all aspects of his work. Jurg has over 25 year’s experience.

David Meurs

David Meurs


David is a passionate and motivated individual who strives for excellence in all aspects of his work. David has over 7 year’s experience.

Giv Burshaly

Giv Burshaly

Community Manager

Giv is a software engineer building new stuff in Web3. He previously worked at web 3.0 agency, where he helped build software for a range of projects.


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ERC721X contract.

0.5 ETH.

There is a total supply of 1.000 passes with 400 already sold in the pre-sale, only 600 passes remain.

The Public Sale will take place on May 14th at 2pm CST, 2 hours after the Whitelist Sale.

Whitelist minting period will be open for 2 hours starting on May 14th at 12pm CST. Thereafter, Public minting will be available.

Join here for Whitelist.

Our primary objective is to counteract the unfavorable minting trend commonly referred to as "sticker shock" that has surfaced in the current market environment. "Sticker shock" occurs when a group of minters eagerly queue up for the minting process, yet wait to see the forecast of the mint by gauging activity being committed to the contract thus, causing a bottleneck as everyone awaits other minters to complete their transactions. To prevent this, we have established pre-sale commitments with private investors and NFT and cryptocurrency whales. This approach enables public participation in a pre-sale that aims to instill confidence for upcoming whitelist and public sales that are yet to be disclosed. To put it in short, we aim to solidify confidence from the community with a successful pre-sale to rally additional collectors from the NFT community.

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